Hyllux Limited (Company number 15338992) is a company registered in England and Wales, and our registered office is located at East Acton, W3 7HB, London, United Kingdom. We operate the website hyllux.com/en-us.

To contact us e-mail customer@hyllux.com.

The Hyllux Story

Hyllux was founded by entrepreneur Sergio Guinaudeau, who has a passion for software development. The company's mission is to create innovative rides that have a positive impact on people's lives. By developing intelligent solutions to real travel problems, Hyllux aims to empower everyone to take control of their commute, avoid traffic congestion, and enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable journey.

Reducing our reliance on cars and public transport is essential for creating a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. Hyllux recognizes this and is committed to doing its part by minimizing congestion and lowering air pollution. Additionally, riding electric bikes and scooters is an excellent way to stay fit and active.

Ultimately, Hyllux aims to provide its customers with a win-win solution - a cleaner, better planet and a more enjoyable and efficient way to commute.

Sergio Guinaudeau