Fiido Electric Bike Battery For D4s

Upgrade your e-bike with the Fiido Electric Bike Battery for D4s. Enjoy a large 374.4Wh battery capacity, 80km range, and 85% energy conversion efficiency.

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The Fiido Electric Bike Battery for D4s is a game-changer for e-bike enthusiasts. With its large 374.4Wh high-quality lion battery, this power source is designed to provide long-lasting and reliable performance for your rides.

Built with Fiido's progressive lithium battery technology, the 18650 power lithium battery delivers an impressive energy conversion efficiency of 85%. This ensures that the battery's range of up to 80KM in electric moped mode is delivered with eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness in mind. Upgrade your cycling game and enjoy a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation with the Fiido Electric Bike Battery for D4s.

Key Features:

  • Large 374.4Wh high-quality lion battery
  • 80km range in electric moped mode
  • 85% energy conversion efficiency
  • Powered by Fiido's progressive lithium battery technology
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance

Suitable for:

Fiido D4s Electric Bike



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