Fiido Electric Bike Motor for D2s

Boost your ride with Fiido's powerful 250W brushless motor for D2s. Strong and efficient, climb upwind effortlessly with smoother torque.

Sale price£188.00

Replace your Fiido D2s electric bike with this powerful 250W brushless motor. With a high-performance brushless geared motor, this motor delivers a top speed of 25KM/h and is 20% stronger than the normal brushless gearless motor. Plus, the starting torque is larger, ensuring smoother upwind climbing.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 250W brushless motor
  • High-performance brushless geared motor
  • Top speed of 25KM/h
  • 20% stronger than normal brushless gearless motor
  • Larger starting torque for smoother upwind climbing

Suitable for:

Fiido Electric Bike D2s



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