Fiido Electric Bike Motor for M21

Ride with power on the Fiido M21's 500W strong motor with a top speed of 40KM/h. Enjoy freewheeling control with the 7-speed seamless shift. EN certified as 250W.

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Ride with power and style on the Fiido M21 with its 500W strong motor and wide-range 7-speed derailleur. With a top speed of 40KM/h, it provides the necessary assistance to reach your destination regardless of terrain and weather conditions. Enjoy freewheeling control with the seamless shift. Additionally, the motor is identified as 250W for EN certification.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Wide-range 7-speed derailleur
  • Top speed of 40KM/h
  • Seamless shift for freewheeling control
  • EN certified as 250W

Suitable for:

Fiido Electric Bike M21



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