Livall Evo21 Fahrradhelm

Redefine cycling with LIVALL Helmet EVO21 - cutting-edge design, LED lights, SOS detection. Elevate safety and style on every ride!

Farbe: Schwarz
Größe: Mittel 54-58cm

Livall Evo21 Cycling Helmet

Erleben Sie die perfekte Mischung aus modernster Aerodynamik mit dem vom Zeitfahren inspirierten und fortschritt lichen intelligenten Sicherheits technologie mit dem LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helm. Dieser Helm wurde entwickelt, um Ihre Radtour zu verbessern. Er verfügt über LED-Warnleuchten, SOS-Sturzer kennung und Standort warn technologie, die Radfahrern eine hervorragende Sicht und Sicherheit auf der Straße bieten.

Umfassen Sie das elegante Aero-Design, das nicht nur den Luft widerstand für eine verbesserte Geschwindigkeit optimiert, sondern auch den Komfort durch ein cleveres System innerer Kanäle gewähr leistet, wodurch der Schweiß bei intensiven Fahrten reduziert wird.

Entdecken Sie mit dem LIVALL EVO21 ein neues Niveau an Exzellenz im Radsport, bei dem Stil, Sicherheit und Leistung zusammenkommen, um die Kunst des Radfahrens neu zu definieren.


  • 270 Grad Super helles Rücklicht
  • Farbwechsel-Front licht
  • Automatische Brems warn leuchte
  • Drehs ignale mit Fernbedienung
  • 10-Stunden-Akkulaufzeit
  • Patentiertes SOS-System
  • 350g Ultraleicht
  • Maximale Belüftung
  • IPX5 wasserdicht
  • IF GOLD AWARD Gewinner
  • Enthält keine Lautsprecher oder Mikrofon

Passend für:

Road Bikes & Mountainbikes


Produktgewicht 350g Ultraleicht
Maße 33 × 24 × 17 cm
Farben Dunkle Nacht, Minze, Schnee, Ultraviolett
Bluetooth BLE L.O BT 4.1
Bluetooth-Entfernung max. 10m (wenn keine Blöcke)
Lautsprecher Stereo 2X 0,5 W
Kleine -39dB Mikrofon
Rückleuchten Voll farbige LED-Rücklichter & Blinker
Tasten Starten/Ausschalten, Volumina, Lautstärke-
Aufladestation Magnetisches USB
Elektrischer Parameter Gleichstrom 5 V/0,5 A
Batteriekapazität 3.7V/450mAh (1.665WH)
Ladezeit Ca. 3 Std
Batterie Ausdauer max. 10hrs für Beleuchtung, 3-6hrs für Musik und Beleuchtung

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Gold iF Design Award Winners

Winner of the prestigious Gold iF Design Award in 2021, the LIVALL EVO 21 embodies the perfect blend of aggressive aerodynamics and captivating lines inspired by the world of time trial cycling. This intelligent masterpiece takes active safety technology beyond the confines of the peloton, pushing boundaries that others can only dream of.

The EVO 21 not only showcases a striking design but also integrates the cutting-edge features of a LIVALL smart helmet. Unlike traditional helmets that merely react to accidents, the LIVALL EVO 21 stands out as a proactive life-saving device, capable of anticipating potential accidents and taking swift action to safeguard lives.

Always Visible with Smart Lighting

The groundbreaking EVO21 features a Smart LED lighting system with true 360° visibility. Three dynamic light effects add style while enhancing visibility.

The built-in accelerometer activates brake lights for 8 seconds during vehicle deceleration, alerting others. Handlebar-mounted controls enable easy turn signal activation, ensuring a safer and more convenient ride.

Crash-Test Certified Impact Protection

Introducing the LIVALL EVO21, a revolutionary helmet with a dual protection system. The first layer is crafted from PC material, distributing crash force and cushioning your head.

The second layer is an impact-resistant Polysource PSI liner, keeping pressure away from your head. Completing the system is memory foam for a snug fit on any ride. Ride with confidence, knowing you have superior protection with the LIVALL EVO21.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert & Ultra Lightweight

The LIVALL EVO21 boasts a powerful Fall Detection with SOS Alert feature that activates automatically after a 90-second countdown in case of an accident, swiftly sending your precise GPS location to up to three emergency contacts. For added convenience, you can also activate it manually with a simple click of a button on the handlebar remote control.

On top of its advanced safety capabilities, the EVO21 ensures a comfortable and cool ride with 30% more ventilation and a lightweight design, weighing only 350g, allowing you to stay ahead of the pack and minimize sweat during your cycling adventures.

IPX5 Waterproof & 10 Hour Battery Life

The LIVALL EVO21 comes equipped with IPX5 waterproofing, ensuring seamless functionality of its LED lighting system and remote in all weather conditions. Having passed rigorous low-pressure spraying testing, the EVO21 not only handles moderate rain with ease but also endures heavy rain without compromising performance.

Moreover, the helmet offers an impressive 10-hour battery life, easily rechargeable using the included magnetic USB charge cable, where the magnets automatically lock the connection in place, eliminating any hassle. With its durable waterproof design and extended battery life, the LIVALL EVO21 ensures a worry-free and convenient cycling experience.