Fiido Electric Bike Battery For X

Secure your e-bike with Fiido Electric Bike Battery for X. Enjoy anti-theft system, 130km range, and 7-hour charging. Upgrade your cycling game now.

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Experience the ultimate in e-bike security and performance with the Fiido Electric Bike Battery for X. This battery is equipped with an exclusive anti-theft battery security system that only you can unlock with a unique code. With a remarkable 130km range per charge and easy removal, this battery frees you from any battery-related concerns.

The Fiido Electric Bike Battery for X features a 417.6Wh battery capacity, 800 charge cycles, and a charging time of just 7 hours, making it the most reliable and efficient power source for your e-bike. Upgrade your cycling game with this cutting-edge battery system and enjoy unparalleled security and performance on every ride.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive anti-theft battery security system
  • Patented removable battery with a remarkable 130km range per charge
  • Sleek and streamlined design
  • 417.6Wh battery capacity
  • 800 charge cycles
  • Quick 7-hour charging time

Suitable for:

Fiido X Electric Bike



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