Gyroor G2 Warrior Hoverboard All Terrain Off Road

Discover the Gyroor G2 Warrior Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard. The perfect gift for Kids and Adults.

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  • Motor Power
    Dual 350 W (Avg)
  • Max Speed
    10 Mph / 15 km/h
  • Max Range
    11 miles / 18 km
  • Type of Terrain
    All Terrain Off Road

Looking for the perfect gift for your kids? Look no further than the Gyroor G2 Warrior Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard. With a max speed of 10 mph and a range of 11 miles, this hoverboard is perfect for getting around the house with fun and smile on their faces.

The Perfect Hoverboard for any Type of Terrain and Surface!

Discover the Gyroor G2 Warrior 8.5" All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard Segway, perfect for a variety of ground, with a durable case and tires, mobile phone compatibility, and a flashy LED design. Ensure safety for you and your loved ones, and enjoy features and advantages not found with cheaper models.

If you answered yes, then the G2 WARRIOR PRO 8.5" All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard Segway is made just for you! This is an off road hoverboard that is designed for the tough and strong hoverboard rider that you are.

Check out these amazing features that will make you want to own this Segway for sale:

    – Does not matter whether you are riding on a deep grass (dry), sandy
    beaches (dry), steep inclines, bumpy pavement or hiking Paths as the
    wheels used on this kids hoverboard are designed specifically for off
    road riding.
    – Safety is our top priority that is why this hoverboard for kids and
    adults is designed with amazing safety features ensuring that all you
    will do is have fun instead of worrying about danger and mishap. Its
    battery and case are built with fireproof capability while its tire is
    specifically designed for rough and off-road terrains.
    – This scooter has a built-in motherboard with built-in auto-balance
    and app control that allows you to maneuver and configure the balance of
    the board using your mobile phone! Plus, you can also play music with
    this Bluetooth hoverboard!
  • INCLUDES A FANCY LED DESIGN – Light up the path and make yourself the star of the night when you arrive riding on your fancy and lighted hoverboard UK!
  • Give your special someone a gift that is not only safe to use but also great looking that comes with lots of feature and advantage! Cheap hoverboard may save you money but it will not offer you the peace of mind specially when it is your kids using the Segway. Add this cool scooter to your cart now!

    Hoverboard Safety Usage:

    • Always wear a complete safety gear which includes the following: knee pads, elbow pads, shoes and helmet.
    • Make sure that your kids wear a properly fitting helmet when riding the scooter.
    • If this is your kid’s first time using the hoverboard, it is best you start with the lowest speed setting.
    • Let an adult who knows how to ride a hoverboard teach them how to use the toy.
    • Have your kids be made aware not to push the limits of the hoverboard.
    • Always supervise your kids when they are playing with their hoverboard specially when they are still learning to use the toy.


Black or Blue
Max Speed
16 Km/h (10 Mph)
Max Range
The distance that you can travel on a single charge. This can be influenced by terrain, riding style and environmental factors.
18 Km (11 Miles)
36v, 4 Ah
Max Load
130 Kg (286 lbs)
A motor has an average 'rated' power and peak power output. The higher the wattage, the more power that the motor can produce, usually bringing improved acceleration and hill climbing ability.
Dual 350 Watts
8.5 inch Solid
Charging Time
2 - 3h 
Max 30°
Product Weight
14,5 Kg
Package Weight
16,8 Kg
Product Size
(L x W x H): 745 x 155 x 275 mm (unfolded)

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Strong Dual 350W Motor Power

Featuring a Dual 350 Motor Power: You get Power from both the front motor and the rear motor. You also have the option to alternate between motors. Ride with confidence on your ultimate scooter! What separates us from the rest is our 2 Year Warranty. The G2 Warrior Hoverboard can go uphill due to his powerful battery and motor. Accessories such as hill kits are important along with 8.5-inch tires. The less weight you are, the less work the hoverboards needs to do. For less powerful boards an 30 degree angle is considered too steep.

Secured Self Balancing

With its easy-to-use controls and built-in safety features, the Gyroor G2 Warrior Hoverboard is perfect for beginners and experienced riders. Ideal for anyone who wants to get around without having to worry about losing their balance. Additionally, it may help to know how a hoverboard works to understand how each component affects your ride. Keep reading to learn more about basic manoeuvres, such as mounting, steering, and stopping a hoverboard.