Livall BH51M Cycling Helmet

Stay safe & connected with LIVALL BH51M Smart Urban Cycle Helmet. LED lighting, handlebar control, Bluetooth integration - perfect for urban commutes!

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Livall BH51M Cycling Helmet

Introducing the multi-award-winning LIVALL BH51M Smart Urban Cycle Helmet – your ultimate lightweight companion for visibility and connectivity on urban commutes!

Experience the perfect blend of safety and convenience with automatic LED lighting providing 270° visibility, complete with turn signal indicators. Control it all with ease using the handlebar remote. Stay connected with Bluetooth technology, stereo speakers, and smartphone integration, making this helmet an indispensable part of your urban cycling gear.

Key Features:

  • Smart Lighting: Automatic LED lighting with 270° visibility, including turn signals.
  • SOS Alert: Instantly notify emergency contacts with GPS location.
  • Hands-Free Calling: Effortlessly stay connected with built-in microphone and speakers.
  • Stereo Speakers: Enjoy high-quality sound for music or podcasts.
  • Windproof Microphone: Crystal-clear calls even at high speeds.
  • GPS Voice Navigation: Turn-by-turn directions through built-in speakers.

Suitable for:

Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes


Product Weight 450g
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 17 cm
Colours Black
Bluetooth BLE L.O+BT4.1
Waterproof Class IPX4
Speaker Stereo 2X0.5W
Mic -39dB microphone
Tail Lights Full-color LED taillights & turn indicators
Buttons Start up/power off, volumes, volume-
Charging Port Magnetic USB
Electrical Parameter DC 5V/0.5A
Battery Capacity 3.7V/455mAh (1.665WH)
Charging Time Approx. 2hrs
Battery Endurance Approx. 36h for Lighting

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Handlebar Controls

The BH51M helmet boasts wireless handlebar controls for easy access to various functions like indicator signals, music control, call answering, and walkie-talkie activation. It has won prestigious awards, including 'Product of the Year' at ISPO Munich and 'Tech for a Better World' at CES, setting new standards in innovative design and technology.

The LIVALL BH51M has won prestigious awards, including 'Product of the Year' at ISPO Munich, 'Tech for a Better World' at CES in Las Vegas, 'Accessories Award' at Eurobike, and 'Sports Device' at IFA. It's celebrated among urban commuter cyclists, setting new standards in innovative design and technology

Automatic Inductive Lighting

With the BH51M, experience the convenience of automatic inductive LED lighting that activates in low-light conditions. The helmet's smart lighting features energy-efficient LED bulbs on the back, forming captivating linear patterns to indicate your direction, easily controlled through the remote.

Designed for safety, these intelligent cycle helmet lights are visible from a wide 270-degree angle to alert road traffic of your presence both day and night. Stay visible and ride with confidence wherever you go.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert

The BH51M features advanced Fall Detection and SOS alert. In case of an accident, the helmet senses the fall and starts a 90-second countdown. If not cancelled, the SOS alert sends the rider's Google map location to pre-selected emergency contacts, keeping family and friends connected during critical moments.

Please note, this feature requires the user's smartphone to have GPS enabled. While LIVALL strives to assist in emergency situations, it's essential to be aware that fall detection may not cover all scenarios. Ride safely and with peace of mind.

Stereo Speakers and Hands-Free Communication

The BH51M helmet includes two Bluetooth stereo speakers and a windproof hands-free microphone, enabling music, call answering, and GPS navigation with awareness of your surroundings. Strategically positioned above the ears, the speakers let you hear ambient sounds like traffic, enhancing safety during rides.

Stay connected with your riding team using the walkie-talkie function through the Livall App (requires 4G data). This seamless communication feature keeps you in sync, enabling real-time interactions during your rides.