Livall BH51M Neo Cycling Helmet

Introducing BH51M Neo Bike Helmet – LIVALL's flagship with enhanced visibility. LED's & brake warning lights. Smart, comfortable, and packed with useful features!

Color: Black
Size: Medium (54-58cm)
Sale price£128.00

Introducing the BH51M Neo Bike Helmet – LIVALL's New Flagship Model with Enhanced Visibility!

Building upon the success of its multi-award-winning predecessor, the BH51M, the BH51M Neo retains all the beloved features while introducing two standout additions for maximum visibility: front-facing bright LED's and automatic brake warning lights.

Simple-to-use and supremely comfortable, this helmet is a smart cyclist's dream, packed with genuinely useful features. Whether you're a daily commuter or a leisure cyclist, the BH51M Neo is the perfect choice to elevate your cycling experience.

Key Features:

  • Front Warning Lights: Enhanced visibility with front-facing LED lights.
  • Smart Lighting: Automatic LED lighting for optimal visibility.
  • Brake Warning Lights: Automatic brake lights for added safety.
  • Hands-Free Operations: Conveniently operate without using your hands.
  • Fall Detection: Advanced feature to detect and alert in case of a fall.
  • Press For SOS: Instantly trigger SOS alert for emergencies.
  • One-Click Answer: Effortlessly answer calls with a single click.
  • PTT Walkie-Talkie: Push-to-talk feature for easy communication.
  • Voice Navigation: Get turn-by-turn directions through voice prompts.
  • Anti-Loss Alarm: Get alerted if the helmet is left behind.

Suitable for:

Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes


Product Weight 470g
Colours Black & Sandstone
Bluetooth BLE L.O+BT4.1
Waterproof Class IPX4
Tail Lights Full-color LED taillights & turn indicators
Buttons Start up/power off, volumes, volume-
Charging Port Magnetic USB
Electrical Parameter DC 5V/0.5A
Battery Capacity 3.7V/455mAh (1.665WH)
Charging Time Approx. 2hrs
Battery Endurance Approx. 36h for Lighting

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Front LED Lighting & Brake Warning Lights

The BH51M Neo ensures your security from all angles with front warning lights and 270° tail lights. The built-in accelerometer triggers these lights for 3 seconds as brake lights when detecting significant deceleration, warning traffic and pedestrians of your slow down.

In dark conditions, the BH51M Neo's inductive LED lighting automatically activates, providing a 270-degree field of view. Smart lighting with adaptive technology enhances your visibility. Control the bright LED turn signals effortlessly through the Bluetooth handlebar remote.

Anti-Loss Alarm & Auto Off

The BH51M Neo helmet is equipped with an Anti-Loss Alarm feature that offers peace of mind. Once connected to your smartphone, if the distance between the helmet and your phone exceeds 15 meters, both the helmet and your phone will sound an alarm to remind you, preventing accidental loss or leaving the helmet behind.

Additionally, the helmet incorporates an Auto Off function to save power efficiently. If the helmet becomes disconnected from your phone and remains motionless for 15 minutes, it will automatically switch off, conserving battery life and ensuring optimal usage when you need it. These smart features add convenience and safety to your riding experience.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert

Answer phone calls effortlessly through the remote control while experiencing crystal-clear sound with the built-in Bluetooth speakers and wind-proof microphone. Stay connected with your fellow cyclists using the convenient Walkie-Talkie function for seamless communication during group rides.

With the -42dB array microphone, your voice remains clear to the receiver, even when riding at speeds of up to approximately 60 km/h, ensuring effective communication during faster rides.

Stereo Speakers & Voice Navigation

Experience an immersive audio experience with the BH51M Neo's two Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone, allowing you to enjoy music, answer phone calls, and hear GPS voice navigation while remaining aware of your surroundings.

The speakers are seamlessly integrated into the helmet, enabling you to listen to your music, calls, or podcasts without blocking out important ambient sounds like traffic. Moreover, easily follow GPS voice navigation with your preferred navigation app through the built-in speaker, ensuring a safe and convenient ride.