Woodment Swish Electric Skateboard

Sale price£512.00

  • Motor Power
    350 W (Avg)
  • Max Speed
    12,5 Mph / 20 km/h
  • Max Range
    5 miles / 8 km
  • Type of Terrain
    All Terrain Off Road

Built for those who want more, the Woodment Swish series takes everything that makes our E-Skateboard series great and turns it up to 100.

More speed, more range, more smarts and a lot more power, the Woodment Swish is for the ones who want the ultimate ride under their feet.

The basic model is easy to learn and easy to carry, using a single rocker board type, it can do a variety of fancy movements!

Economical and practical, essential for teenagers to get started, essential for gifts with it there is no need to switch the machine manually, all with automatic switch machine function.

Key Features :

  • Top Speed of 20 Km/h.
  • 350W Motor.
  • Material: 7 Layers maple
  • 8 Km Range.
  • Net Weight of 3,7 Kg.


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